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Earth and moon comes close again in 2012

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Moon(Colombo Lankapuvath) The moon will be at its perigee (closest to the earth) again in the year 2012 May 06 Senior Lecturer of Physics of the University of Colombo, Dr Chandana Jayarathne told Lankapuvath.

The moon was closest to the earth after a lapse of 18 years, and the next phenomenon will take place next year.

The moon traveling on its elliptical path comes close to the earth once every month while it swings to apogee each month (furthest from the earth).

The moon was 356,575 kilometers away but earlier this month; it swung to apogee (its farthest point for the month) on March 6 where the moon was 406,583 kilometers distant, Dr Jayarathne added.

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